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Feb 10th

Of course this practice is nothing new – in fact, the notion that directors and movie producers expect women to sleep with them in exchange for roles has long been termed “the casting couch,” and there are many examples in film history.  In 1955, the 16-year-old actress Natalie Wood began an affair with 44-year-old Nicholas Ray, her director in Rebel Without a Cause.  The actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Megan Fox have both reported being asked for sexual favors from potential directors at the starts if their careers.   Perhaps most famous is Roman Polanski, and his still-ongoing sexual abuse case of Samantha Geimer.  But just because this practice has become ingrained in Hollywood culture doesn’t mean we should look the other way, or chalk it up to “creative genius.”  Instead, we should encourage girls to use their talents to pursue their ambitions, and not give license to men to take advantage of younger women.

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