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Apr 27th

What are the different sofa styles available? Traditional Sofa- This is the basic model couch offering two or more seats in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sleeper Sofa- This model looks like a traditional sofa but hides a pull-out bed inside. The size of the pull-out bed depends on the sofa size. Typically a traditional size sofa pulls out to a queen size bed and a loveseat pulls out to a twin size bed. Convertible Sofa- Like a sleeper sofa this model provides a bed, but in a simple form. The back and bottom cushions slide down and out to convert the couch into a laying “bed” position. Reclining Sofa- This model looks like a traditional sofa but has one or more seats that open up to a reclining position with a foot rest. Sectional Sofa- This sofa consists of units or modules built to arrange in different ways to fit into corners or specific areas. They usually seat more people than a traditional sofa. Sofa Extras- Sofas today are available with many “upgrades.” Some examples are cup holders, magazine stowaways, massage and/or heated seats, video & audio control centers, and even mini refrigerators. What are the different sofa materials available? Leather- This material is easy to keep clean and maintain. It is resistant and will not stretch out of shape. Leather offers warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. There are two main types of leather to purchase. Corrected leather is a uniform color or look and resists soil or wear and tear. Uncorrected leather is tear resistant but it gains richness or a vintage “worn in look” with time. Microfiber- This material is very stain and water resistant. Great for family homes! It has a soft comfortable feel and is also very durable. Fabric- This option comes in a variety of textures, comforts, colors, and designs. It can be durable depending on the type purchased. Cotton is one of the top fabric options today. Leather match- This material is the affordable alternative to leather. It provides true leather on all the visible panels with vinyl on the remaining. Bi-cast Leather- This material is a split leather that is thinner than traditional leather. It is chemically treated for appearance and durability and offers a less expensive alternative to genuine leather. What sofa options does Sam’s Club offer? Sam’s Club has a wide variety of sofa styles made from many different fabrics. Browsing through our website, you will see our large selection of leather and microfiber. We have sectionals in a number of shapes and sizes, and sleepers sofas to fit all needs.   Tips for sofa shopping. Measure the space you have to accommodate the sofa. After delivery, you do not want to find that the couch is too big for the available area. Consider your living situation when choosing a material. If you have children or pets you might consider a durable and easy to clean option. Stick with the style of the room. If you have a modern feel, go for a more modern couch, etc. Find a sofa or sectional within your budget. Sofas are an investment that you will have for a number of years. You want to choose a sofa that will last, but one that also fits in your budget.
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Convenient & Stylish Futons The futon you may have slept on in college or had in your first apartment may well have been little better than sleeping on the floor. That’s a long way from the futons Sam’s Club offers today. Through Sam’s Club, you’ll find futons that contain full size, inner spring mattresses made of 13 gauge springs with a 272 coil count and a natural blend of batted cotton for added comfort. You’ll find futons with high density foam, and futons with hidden storage pockets. Perhaps just as important, these futons look like ordinary, attractive, comfortable couches that fit into almost any décor when not being used for sleeping purposes, and they easily pull out into bed form and slide back into couch form when sleeping is done.   Just because you’re not in college any more doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on the futon. If you’re looking for a great, affordable option for easily accommodating overnight guests comfortably, the right futon is still a great way to go.   Check out the Sam’s Club catalog of futons and look at the wide selection of styles and options and decide for yourself. Don’t forget, we’ve also got the futon mattresses and accessories you need, as well as classic convertible sofas if the futon isn’t quite want you’re looking for. Don’t send guests out into the cold, dark night any longer. Find a great futon or sleeper sofa from Sam’s Club today.
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Claire Fenton Marketing Director Claire is Big Sofa’s Marketing Director. Working with clients on a range of projects from initial discussion to delivery of the technology and project outputs she is ideally positioned to ensure the Big Sofa philosophy and offer is effectively communicated to clients and partners. Her expertise in Digital Marketing means she takes an innovative approach to improving brand presence, creates attention-grabbing marketing materials, external communications and is instrumental in generating new business. Claire’s knowledge of our product and ability to engage and understand what clients both want and need, make her a natural at selling Big Sofa. She started her career in event management in Edinburgh and London and put these skills to use when she joined Big Sofa in 2012, she still gets to put it to occasional use organising events for the team! Claire studied at the University of St Andrews graduating in 2010 with an MA in Mediaeval History.
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Sally Brogan Operations Director & Product Owner Sally is Head of Product and Product Operations at Big Sofa. Her role involves managing the evolutionary journey of Big Sofa’s product offering. She works closely with the client services, technical, marketing, sales and commercial teams to ensure Big Sofa provides an innovative offering of technology and services that meet our clients’ needs and delivers value. Her previous experience at Big Sofa covers a range of business functions from heading up Operations, Logistics and Project Management to Account Management. Her ever growing technical competence and understanding of approaches to development has enabled her to become heavily involved in the product delivery and technical integration projects leading to transition to her current role. Her experience has provided her with a solid understanding of market needs and the commercial instinct to develop viable product lines that delight users.
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Comfortable, Cozy Chairs No living room is complete without a comfy rocker or recliner. At Sam’s Club you’ll find a wide variety of living room furniture, including reclining chairs and sofas, gliders, rockers and loungers, all at great prices. Snuggle up with a good book or get comfortable watching a movie on your home theater system when you buy one of these great pieces of furniture.   Rockers are great for many different rooms in the house. Whether you want one in your family room for watching TV, in your bedroom for reading or in your baby’s room for rocking the little one back to sleep, you’ll find a great selection of different colors and styles. You’re sure to find something that will match your existing décor.   Create the ultimate comfort in your living room with a reclining set of chairs and a matching sofa. Now everyone can kick back and get cozy with a reclining set that seats at least 5 people! You can also find individual pieces that can be added to the furniture you already have. Choose recliners that also swivel or glide, in durable leather or high quality microfiber.   What are you waiting for? Get the ultimate comfort today when you buy rockers, recliners or loungers today. Find the furniture you’re looking for at low, everyday prices when you visit Sam’s Club.
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Check out the Sam’s Club catalog of futons and look at the wide selection of styles and options and decide for yourself. Don’t forget, we’ve also got the futon mattresses and accessories you need, as well as classic convertible sofas if the futon isn’t quite want you’re looking for. Don’t send guests out into the cold, dark night any longer. Find a great futon or sleeper sofa from Sam’s Club today.
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A Little About Big Sofa Big Sofa is a disruptive technology company. We combine technology with our skills in research to help our clients get the most from their video, image and audio files. Throughout our evolution we’ve drawn heavily on our research and commercial backgrounds, putting the focus on human interaction and business application. The result is a platform which is intuitive to use and allows our clients to analyse quicker, faster and better. Five years ago our vision was to bring consumers’ stories to life on video. We took a real sofa out on the streets and created our own authentic, conversational video content. Nowadays we’ve ditched the physical sofa – dealing in media captured by our clients in any number of ways from in-home cameras to mobile capture apps. We combine our skills and tech to ensure that they derive maximum value from the multi-layered insight that exists within every piece of media. Our platform also allows clients to store, share and repurpose video, images and audio files from historic projects. Meet the team that keeps our tech great and market-leading.

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